The Top 6 Things To Do Before Posting To Your Blog


Many bloggers overlook the simplest details when trying to take the perfect photo for their blog because they didn’t take time to plan and think thoroughly before posting their content. Your viewers remember you by the special things you do that can be as simple as a pose or special tips that you brand yourself with.  This goes out to all the fashion bloggers who want their content and brand to take them to the next level. Before posting to your blog here are the simple steps to follow to gain more viewers and to keep your current viewers interested. 

1.Pick a Theme and place for your pictures. 

Without a vision your dream fails and we know that viewers have a short attention span so they must see the vision too! Sometimes it can be a weekly or a monthly theme. A good example is when I choose to do a monthly tribal theme for my viewers to see different ways so wear tribal while choosing different topics that’s related to style. I choose to be consistent instead of jumping from one outfit to the next so it can be a smooth transition.

2. Don't Shoot in the Afternoon!

 This can be risky because sometimes your camera may be exposed to too much lighting, causing shadows and may dull your photos. The best time to take a photo, rather with your own smart phone or camera, is in the morning or when the sun is setting. Photographers call it the “Golden Hour”. Not too bright so your pictures aren’t blurry and sunlight is peaking through and not to dark where you can barely see what you are advertising.

In the photo below you can see the bad choice I made by rushing and taking a photo shoot in the afternoon. There is too much sunlight which made the photo dark and my skin pigment dull and in the second pic too much light.During my tribal photo shoot I had to take many breaks from the heat. My face starting giving the mean mug impression even when I wanted to smile. Also did I mention to you that I live in Georgia and it was hottest time in the day! That heat was really getting to me! 

The third picture is perfect because I scheduled my photo shoot at 8 am. in the morning.The early bird surly does catches the worm.... and some amazing lighting. 

Click photo to shop this look 

Click photo to shop this look 

3.You Have To Plan!

There’s no one on this earth that magically gets great content and pictures without thinking it through and reviewing it for mistakes or better word choices. You should have spent time working on your blog post long nights, days, and even early in the morning so you can have a fresh eye on something you may overlooked from the previous day. Sometimes after you have looked at it over 50 times you still miss a mistake in your wording or the ordering of your photos to flow just right for your viewers. Planning and correcting your post down to every detail can make you a pro for your next post. The top fashion bloggers know what time to post their content on certain media sites to get the best results. The more you plan the better your content and the more viewers.

4.Brand Yourself And Have A Consistent Style

A signature pose, unique sceneries, perfect backgrounds, and unique tips are perfect example of how you can brand yourself so you can be remembered. Don’t be all over the place where viewers can’t figure out what’s your style. It’s OK to be different sometimes but don’t be so different that no one can grasp who you are. I had to learn that even though I dress according on how I feel, I still use the same pose and the same demeanor. My style is consistent regardless of what I have on. My tone on my blog is always the same and very inviting.  

5.Ask a Friend for Advice

This is a must if you really want to know what people really think about your blog. A real friend or family member will tell the truth! If they tell you to change some of your content, spice it up a little bit, don’t be disappointed or mad. You should know how to take constructive criticism. I love when people tell me I need to post more or they want to see more of me it makes me go harder in my craft and my dream.

6.Respond Back To Your Followers

 Don’t leave your viewers hanging! Sometimes I spend hours on my Instagram and social media sites commenting back to my followers and checking out their posts. Without them your brand perishes. They are the word of mouth of what you want them to know about you. Treat them like you would treat your friends and watch how your brand grows. This is one of the most important steps that I had to learn because I advertise my blog on my social media and a lot of times people love your content so much they want to express themselves on your page. Don’t ignore and get the big head, reply back to them with gratefulness because they took the time out to read your blog. This is how you gain your fans, they support you like you support them and its mutual.

If you follow these steps before you post your photo and be prepared to grow an even bigger audience than you ever expected for your fashion blog!

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