Things I Love

1. Travel! Travel! Travel! I don't do it as often as I would like, but in the future I plan to go abroad and enjoy the world' best art. I've already visited Paris, France which is one of my favorite city! I'm also a huge fan of nature. The beauty of the world always compliments my outfit! 


2. Draw and Design. I love creating! I'm launching a clothing line soon!

3. Encouraging People. I am a #Jesusfreak. I believe that we all have gifts and talents that are waiting to bless our future. Find it and use it to grow!

4. Creating a collage of favorite quotes and listening to poetry. Poetry is like words of healing to the soul. Listen and be touched and healed.

5.Thrift! Is it that obvious!? I love finding unique items like: clothes, accessories, furniture, paintings, and odd treasures.

This is lame, but I love to pick sunflowers and swinging. Yes! I said it, swinging on a swing set! Swinging makes me feel like I have no worries in the world. It brings me back to remembering when I was a child. I felt like the beauty of the world was not disturbed. No sorrows, no worries, and it's easy as a peach.