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Did You know?

Pencil skirts are great choice to be versatile with because they can also be high waisted so you can show off your beautiful details of your printed skint and gain attention from the upper part of your body. My upper part of my body is beautifully show cased by the ruffles. In this outfit I tucked in my shirt and pulled my pencil skirt to my waist which elongates my waist making it seem like i'm taller than I actually am and shows more of my legs. Here's a secret : I am 4'10, so close to being a little person! Tucking your shirt in a high waisted skirt always gives me good posture too! 


Other Tips

Do It Yourself!              Got a pair of old shoes or heals that are scuffed or have scratches? do you wear them a lot & the color has worn off a little? Don't worry, find some nail polish that matches the color of the shoe or heel. Lightly dab the polish over the scratches and wait a minute for it to dry. Then finish it with a clear polish. & Voila! Its as good as new! Never throw a good pair of shoes away because of some tiny imperfection. Yes that's my secret for having so many shoes in good condition. You should try it out and do it yourself! 





Scratched Sides



AS Good as New!