Black Power!


This Black power theme is so special to me because it allowed me to support the movement, advertise the product in a unique way, and style the girls in all black but with a twist.I knew that my client wanted hip hop, so why not give her hip hop in the black power scene. I choose a leather jumpsuit & crop tops to give off the hip hop vibe. For the tights, I wanted them to be edgy and not just regular tights. Sexy biker tights was the look that I was going for. For a little pop of color, I choose strips of African/Jamaican colors. Each of the girls glasses gave a different era of (sass) & hip hop but It all came together with the beret hats & all black. Very little accessories were needed in this scene. As soon as I dressed the models in their outfits they came together as a unit. 

Look Out For More Pictures for Black History Month!